• #1st in management IT consulting in Russia
  • #2nd in legal consulting in North-West region
  • #5th worldwide audit network, working in Russia
  • #10th largest audit & consulting groups in Russia
  • 1100 staff

HLB Russian Group

HLB Rus is a management company of HLB Russian Group, providing centralized co-operation with the Group. The company was established in 2015. HLB Russian Group member firms control the company on the terms of equitable participation in the share capital and operating activities.

HLB Russian Group is the association of Russian Companies – members of global audit network HLB International. The association founded in 2013 operates in the whole territory of Russia and includes five independent companies. According to Expert RA for 2015, HLB Russian Group ranks among Top-10 largest audit & consulting groups in Russia.

HLB Russian Group unites Energy Consulting, HLB Prime Advice, HLB Vneshaudit, HLB Univers-Audit and HLB PACC Advice. Group offices operate in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan, Kiev and Singapore. Proceeds for 2015 amount RUB 4.3 bln. Total staff is over 1,100 employees.

HLB Russian Group takes the 1st place in IT consulting services (management consulting) among audit & consulting groups of Russia (according to Expert RA for 2015) and is the 2nd largest legal consulting services provider in North-West Russia (according to Expert North-West for 2013, ranking participant HLB Prime Advice). Besides, one of the Group participants is included in the top ten of official list of appraisal companies recommended by the Bank of Russia (Balt-Audit-Expert, the office of Energy Consulting in Saint Petersburg).

HLB Russian Group pursues the objective of developing the best international practices of audit and consulting services provision with a glance to the requirements of Russian companies. HLB Russian Group member firms jointly participate in the management of HLB International activities in Russia and abroad, share experience and co-operate within the framework of joint marketing events.

HLB Russian Group member firms not only provide international level of services quality for the Russian clients but also render audit & consulting services at the international market involving local HLB International member firms in different countries.

HLB International

HLB International is a largest and upswing world-wide network of independent audit and consulting firms all over the world. Formed in 1969, the network comprises 19,000 staff and over 600 offices. HLB International‘s partners are leading audit firms in local markets. The main partner (Principal Member) of HLB International in Russia is the Energy Consulting Group. According to International Accounting Bulletin, since October 2013 HLB International ranks 6th biggest international net of audit and consulting firms in Russia, following the Big Four companies.

HLB International is a member of Forum of Firms (FoF) – an association of international networks of accounting firms engaged in transnational audits. HLB International specializes in qualitative customer service rendered through partner firms, regularly passing quality control review and operating in compliance with International Standards on Auditing (ISA).

More about HLB International:www.hlbi.com
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