New Possibilities for Financing and Acceleration of Small Business and Startups Presented at the 1st Training Conference "Time to Grow!"

The 1st Training Conference "Time to Grow!" organized by Energy Consulting as part of its Business Greenhouse project was held on 29 June 2016 in Moscow.

The conference had the form of an open "business-to-business" discussion involving the leading experts in the market of alternative business financing alongside with startup acceleration experts. The conference was attended by over 40 professionals. The "business-to-business" format made it possible for the event participants to discuss the situation in the market of small business and startup financing and acceleration with "open collar".

In the course of the discussion "New Possibilities for Micro- and Small Business Financing" the conference members went into the advantages of alternative financing of business development in the current economic environment, specific features of crowd funding and P2P crediting, and approaches that alternative financing companies take on financing.

The members of the "Time to Grow!" conference took great interest in the speech ofEvgeny Veranchik, the head of the new business department at Boomstarter, a crowd funding platform.  Boomstarter's approach implies prior comprehensive analysis of the project, development of a media plan and the incentive system for the financing parties, and individual management of each project.

Elizaveta Karpilovskaya, General Director of the P2P-crediting platform Gorod Deneg, and the co-founder of the P2P-crediting platform Fundico, Ivan Beliy, spoke about the advantages of mutual lending in comparison with traditional bank credits and about the principals of assigning a credit rating to P2P-borrowers.

As part of the discussion "Present-Day Startup Acceleration Possibilities", Deputy General Director of the Center for Support of Initiative Developments and Innovation Poligon, Pavel Goloborodko, for the first time presented to general public the acceleration program "Technological Interaction 2016", which primary goal was to form and develop the pool of innovative projects for the benefit of the defence industry. The conference members took great interest on the project. The application campaign of the "Technological interaction 2016" is to be launched in the near future.

Gennadiy Suvorov, the founder of the Russian female fashion label Elena Shipilova Brand, presented to the conference its project for the acceleration of the Russian fashion industry aiming to ensure the explosive growth of the clothing production in Russia. According to Suvorov, the experience with the realization of similar program is well known in the world and its use in Russia today implies the formation of new jobs, increase of tax revenues and real substitution of clothing imports.

At the event, the managing partner of IT&Marketing Denis Kagane announced an innovative solution for the Internet promotion of goods and services based on the CPA (Cost-per-Action) approach, making its possible to optimize the promotion channels and the marketing budget.

The participants' genuine interest was aroused by the speech of the general director and co-founder of Veseliye Kartinki Foundation for the Support of Talented and Gifted Children, Svetlana Yakovleva. Veseliye Kartinki Foundation is a private initiative established for the formation of the ideology and institutes of public social responsibility for the talent development and adaptation of talented and gifted children.

The event was also attended by the head of the tax practice of Energy Consulting Group,Julia Gladysheva, who spoke with the businessmen about the necessity to issue and keep the financial documents required by the law and the importance of performing tax obligations from the very start of business operations. 

The "Time to Grow!" conference is the first one of the specialist events of the Business Greenhouse project for small businesses and startups. "We are planning a number of events having different formats and content. The main goal of the Business Greenhouse is to contribute to the formation of a favourable environment for the development of innovative ideas and business.  We possess a unique competence and experience in strategic marketing of startups in different industries, as well as ongoing business support experience, and provide respective services to small businesses and startups, including those on foreign markets, using Global Russian Desk. Among the businessmen and startupers who attended the conference were our former, current and, I hope, future projects," — said the member of the board of directors of Energy Consulting Group, the managing partner of the Business Greenhouse project, Svetlana Ivanova.

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Business Greenhouse is a project of the Energy Consulting Group offering a unique protected space and a package of services for the growth and development of a business. Business Greenhouse means a comfortable modern office, equipment and a full range of marketing services for startups, small businesses, self-employed businessmen and nonprofit organizations.

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05 July 2016

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